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How Do You Embrace Change?

One of life’s guarantees is that things change. We can’t avoid it. It’s a fact. But how we respond to it can make all the difference in our lives.

In talking with a friend recently, he was sharing how he had avoided a change in career focus for years because it would take too much time and effort. But when regulations in his industry required him to get the training and he did, he realized that what he had been fighting against was actually his area of passion and interest. He finally found it when forced to change.

Maybe you have had a similar experience or maybe you are just realizing that you need to make a change. Maybe you have gotten frozen with fear in the midst of a change and feel stuck. Whatever is happening for you, whatever change you may be facing, know that you can find your way through it, and it can end up being a life expanding experience.

There are people and resources to help you. Please feel free to call our office for information or assistance (707) 536-9722).


In mid-life, we often face changes with our physical body.

It gets our attention that life is no longer going to be the same as it used to be and we can feel like we have little control over troubling symptoms. And sometimes we can find ourselves with white knuckles clutching on to the quickly fading past! Yet we have choices we can make to actively respond in positive ways to those changes to support the body and assist in bringing it back to balance. Remember, our parents and grandparents didn’t have all these options available to them.

And the aging process brings changes to our lives in physical and emotional ways that have real impacts. We can fight against this natural aging process and waste life energy and happiness or we can do what we can to smooth the transition and come to acceptance of where we are at this current moment in our life journey.

Anyone faced with a challenging disease process or change in body function is faced with the reality of those changes and goes through a grief process with eventual acceptance (if they choose) which dramatically effects their spirit, their mood, quality of life, and impacts everyone around them. Look no farther than Superman for a prime example. And it’s his choice how he has responded.


Change is always going to happen on life’s path and keeping ourselves in a space to flow with those changes, can bring more health, well-being and balance.

This in turn enables us to really live life fully despite whatever the change may be.

For all of us, flowing with ease in the changes of life,

Jane Kennedy, CFNP, MN, MPH