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Save Money and Gain Health Insights with Labs Direct

Forum Health offers its patients direct preferred pricing on lab work through its in-house program, Labs Direct.

Tired of surprise bills, lack of coverage from your insurance or skipping out on important labs because of the cost? What if there was a better way to get your lab work without the hassle? With Forum Health, now there is!

Forum Health has introduced its proprietary, direct preferred pricing lab program Labs Direct.

What is Labs Direct?

In short, Labs Direct is discounted lab pricing exclusive for Forum Health clients!

One of the great benefits of being a Forum Health client is getting access to pre-negotiated, heavily discounted lab tests that offer you the best pricing, regardless of insurance. 

How Forum Health’s Labs Direct Program Works

  1. Your labs are drawn and ordered by your Forum Health provider.
  2. You prepay for the labs at the end of your visit at your local Forum Health location.  You can also pay using your FSA or HSA funds.
  3. You can submit your lab bill to your insurance company for possible reimbursement or to apply to your deductible. Note, not all insurance companies will cover the labs you had.


Benefits You Will Enjoy as a Labs Direct Customer:

Simply put, you’ll always get the best price on lab testing. It’s the most low-cost, convenient and hassle-free way to get your labs done.

  • Lower out-of-pocket cost
  • Lowest lab cost
  • Price certainty – know the amount upfront and never receive a surprise bill
  • Privacy! Results are never shared with anyone or any company without your approval
  • Receive the labs your insurance company won’t cover
  • Ideal if you have a high deductible that you rarely meet
  • Use your FSA or HSA funds


Our preferred lab partnerships allow you to be in complete control of securing your private health information. Your labs and results are only shared with you and your provider and not reported to your insurance.

Rest assured that the price is the only discount, Forum Health’s Labs Direct program only uses the most popular and reputable lab companies.

Labs Direct vs Insurance

On average, the Forum Health Labs Direct program saves patients 79% on lab testing, regardless of insurance coverage, with our direct preferred pricing.*

Insurance lab pricing is typically much higher than Labs Direct’s heavily discounted prices. Labs Direct gives you the cost up-front before you get the labs drawn. Plus, depending on your insurance, you may still be eligible for reimbursement for the cost of Labs Direct!

Trust a Real Forum Health Patient Example with Labs Direct:

  1. Patient had standard lab panels done.
  2. Provider submitted labs through insurance at the cost of $4,147!
  3. Patient went through insurance at time of appointment (not knowing what labs would be covered or not).
  4. Patient received a bill through LabCorp for $731.
  5. The same bill would have been $237 with our Labs Direct pricing
  6. Total Savings LOST was $458

Price Billed To Insurance

Paid By Insurance

Lab Bill Paid By Patient

Labs Direct Cost for Same Labs







Note, at this point, the patient could have also submitted that $237.34 to their insurance for possible reimbursement and to have the amount applied to their deductible

It is also important to note once you submit labs through your insurance, you cannot go back and try to get our pre-negotiated and discounted pricing!

Stop guessing how much you’ll be spending on labs or skipping out on discovering critical health information because of the cost!

*Cost with insurance is dependent on insurance company, plan and medical necessity. Costs shown are an estimation based on case studies and past patient experience evaluated by Forum Health. Please contact your insurance company for the exact reimbursement amount.

Are you ready to start saving on labs and take back control of your health?

 Schedule your next appointment to get started.