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Our Happy Patients

Hear from our Forum Health Santa Rosa patients where we took the time to listen and implement a functional medicine care program, with treatments tailored to meet their unique needs.

“In working with Jane Kennedy, I feel I have someone who knows me, knows the kinds of issues a basically very healthy woman might have and yet need to deal with, and has the deep knowledge and experience to effect real change. Since working with Jane, I have discovered how bio-identical HRT, when administered with skill and knowledge, can boost my energy, improve my sleep and shine more internal sunlight on my already-sunny nature! Discovering hypothyroidism and working with that at the same time, has been fantastic. Under Jane’s guidance things are functioning properly.”

“I hope you find relief like I did for unanswered questions and chronic illness that no one seems to understand. I believe Jane is a genius in these matters and can get you feeling better soon and getting down to the root of the problem. I want to reassure you that Jane is beyond gentle and is committed to getting you well. She is a healer and someone who intimately understands the delicate balance of the thyroid, adrenal and sex hormones. Many consider her a naturopathic healer but she uses modern labs and compounded Rx to achieve results that no other doctor can boast about. ”

“What can I say? How about OHMYGOSH! Is this how other people live? This is incredible! Four days after starting the supplements for my adrenal glands, I couldn’t believe how much better I felt. I have started sleeping a little deeper these past few nights which is wonderful! It’s been a week now since I started the two hormone creams. Wow. I am speechless. It has been years since I have felt like this. And longer for some of the other positive things I have been feeling. To have my body respond to my husband, well let’s just say he is thrilled to have me back too. It makes me sad at the years I lost but am thankful, so very thankful, for the years I will get (Lord willing).”

“I came to see you originally because I literally was not sleeping. I’m happy to report I’m now sleeping 7-8 hrs. a night. I haven’t slept like that in decades. Since you recommended my starting the natural hormone replacement due to a borderline low thyroid my life has changed for the best. And I literally had tried everything. Thanks so much for helping me.”

“Just a short note to thank you from the bottom of my heart for your services. I really appreciate everything you have done for me and continue to help me with. You are a very special health care provider and even more as a woman.”

“I thought your presentation was really excellent—informational and comprehensive, I was impressed. You stayed on track and addressed all the questions, and you were very personable.”

“It has been 5 weeks since I started the compounded thyroid medication. Wow! What a difference. I have not had this kind of energy or feeling of wellness in at least 10+ years, maybe never.”

“I bless the day I found my way to Jane Kennedy. I was cranky when I walked in worried that she may even dismiss my complaints. Instead, she focused intently on what I was saying and immediately ordered certain lab tests, came up with her own diagnosis and prescribed the appropriate supplements and prescriptions. It is honest to goodness the truth when I tell you I have literally reversed the clock back by approximately 30 years. (I am 62). I feel like a kid again. I can work hard, I sleep great, my mind is extremely sharp, and every single person who knows me has commented on how great I look and how young I seem while performing my demanding job. My Pre-Kennedy life –I was exhausted after only one hour of work; every joint in my body screamed in pain; life seemed bleak. I can now work more hours than Jane Kennedy would like me to; I have no hint of arthritis anywhere in my body. Life is so much fun these days, I just love my life!”

“When I came to see you I felt I was doomed to walk the path of “aging” which included major depression, & loss of libido. Now I am more graceful and optimistic. Thank you so much! I don’t think there is anything worse for a woman than to feel she is frumpy, dumpy and sexless and that’s where I was. Now, I can handle my life again –with enthusiasm. I can’t thank you enough for listening to me and helping me with products that work. I had been complaining to my doctors about many of these symptoms for the last 5 years, but all I got was “Its part of aging.”

“THANK YOU…” for “pushing” me to get my mammogram complete for the year.

“After just one visit I want to share how thankful I am for the energy you have already invested in helping me to be well. ”

“Thanks for treating me for hormones. I now feel better than I have in more than 20 years.”

“I am feeling so good… My husband and I are both beyond grateful. I’m back to laughing, singing, gardening and feeling like my usual energetic, happy self!! I was telling my Mom that Jane saved my life… sincerely! I have back a life worth living. Amazing.”

“I want to thank you for your great recommendations and supplements. Thank you, thank you!”

“Since you prescribed Pregnenolone and Testosterone I am a changed woman!”

“Thanks much for all you have done- I LOVE feeling better!!!!”

“Jane, thank you very much. You are great”

“Jane guided me to hCG, , wherein I easily lost 35 pounds and have kept them off for over a year without any problem whatsoever. I tell friends, “This is the best thing I have ever done for myself!!” I have recommended Jane to numerous friends and colleagues who unanimously have experienced similar (positive) results. Thank you, Jane!

“I now feel my body responds “normally” to the food I eat; in the past, what I ate was not reflected in my weight. I have learned to eat again and I feel assured that I am MUCH healthier and will remain so! I love my 56 year old body. It is quite lovely to wear great clothes!

“I was tired all the time but now I feel great and have more energy. The guidance was exceptional, the results very satisfying. The weight loss process helped me feel so much healthier both mentally AND physically. In the past I felt I would just never lose the weight—that I was stuck. Now I am so excited and happy with the new me!

“Thank you for all your help, and bless you for getting me started with this protocol – hCG is awesome!”

“The weight was not improving after following a prescribed diet and doing vigorous exercising—–how disheartening. Then HCG was suggested as a plan to get the weight off and the pre-diabetic syndrome under control. 30 lbs. lighter, tons of energy, aching joints and trigger points diminished or gone, and my metabolism reset with the threat of diabetes gone. I was trying so hard with NO results This program helped me to get in touch with the “real me”, to take care of me, and to realize that life needs to be celebrated each and every-day, NOT just tomorrow. You can do it too!!!”

“No cravings and sleeping soundly. “Zip to my step,” and very positive and confident that the protocol you are prescribing is working. Grateful and looking forward to my next appointment.”

“Feeling better today and feeling encouraged—trying to follow the protocol and grateful for your work!”

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