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Changing Magical Thinking into Grounded Steps Forward

Oh, if only life were such that we could just wish a thing to be and without any effort on our part, it was so! Have you ever thought that? I have and it’s nice to play with the idea but with most all things in life that we desire to show up, we have a role to play in the process of personal, spiritual, physical growth. This may be in various forms, from intention to hard work, but none the less, our lives rarely change for the better in a lasting way unless we put forth some level of energy to create what we desire.

I see this sometimes with patients that come to see me. The distance between where they are now with their health and well-being and where they want to go, is so great that they just can’t find the energy to take the necessary steps to move forward. Instead, they resort to “magical thinking” – the belief that it will just happen if they do a little bit of the protocol, or do it some of the time. But it just doesn’t work that way.


Like everything in existence, there are natural results for what we do or choose not to do.

Using hormones, improving our diet, getting exercise, changing our stress response – all of these can potentially change our level of health and vitality in a positive way. And, it requires us taking action.

Many times at mid-life we can awaken to the fact that we have spent years putting our families, spouse, career/employment/business ahead of our own personal needs. Whether physical, mental, spiritual or emotional, our needs have been neglected and we hardly know who we are at the core of our being. Mid-life gives us the opportunity to wake up from our inattention and realize we need to ask for what we need, create the space for our own self-care, and nurture our souls.


It’s never too late and we have time ahead of us to be on track with our lives in a way that is more meaningful and purposeful.

As I take stock of my own life right now, I realize that I need to set better parameters for where my time goes so that I have the time to devote to my ongoing personal and spiritual growth to facilitate showing up with the wisdom, compassion and love that are meaningful to me and those interacting with me. It means that I would appreciate your help and understanding with the policies stated below in this newsletter.

It is always my intention to give each one of you the focused attention, compassion and care to your issues that you deserve. And, I know I am best at doing that when I actively create the space, intention, and action for my own cup to be filled and renewed.


Here’s to each of us as we create our wholeness!

Jane Kennedy, CFNP, MN, MPH